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Need help? Contact Us
82 Queens Road, Brighton

Welcome to the Website of E-Tech Zone

Ever since our inception in 2008, it has been our prowess to have delivered services to the multitude of customers, who are in need of quality services. Since we live in a word of technological progression and advancement, we understand the importance of a computer or a mobile phone in an individual’s life.

Our assurance for all our customers

Life really comes to a standstill during the time while our mobile or laptop stops functioning. We were a professional and registered organization assure all our customers rapid and cordial services. At the same time, we are duty bound is solving all the technical issues and make your pride possession retain the former durability.

Our professionalism

We do have a team of professional experts having years of experience under them. Our technical team is quietly aware of the buzzing technological advancement and more importantly, they are very much aware of delivering your service, within the stipulated frame of time. It is understandable that time is quite precious for you and thereby we carry out our approaches in a swift manner.

What we offer

Be it repairing devices like Macs, PCs, Laptops, mobile phones or ipads, we are all in readiness to serve your purpose. At the same time, we also created a platform for delivering software along with hardware support for individuals and commercial setups. Be it the ranks of data recovery or virus removal, operating system installation, wireless networking, and setups, you will get it all from our one-stop destination.

Our range of services

iPad & iPhone Repair

As an individual’s, it is indeed a moment of prowess if you are owning a ipad or an iphone. It really makes us gain the reputation among our peers if we are carrying this sort of possession with us. But it is also a moment of despair as we witness a cracked screen or a faulty battery. At that point of time, we either tend to sell it off at a lower price or keep it as memory.

PC & Laptop Repair

We all must agree that with, the advent of computers all our lives have changed. As of the modernized days are concerned, life cannot be imagined without a computer or a laptop. But what really happens while your computer or laptop breaks down and will be in need of complete repair? It would be indeed frustrating and you would not be able to meet up your needs.

Laptop & Screen Repair

we can also provide all laptop screen at affordable prices. Our product range is so attractive and cheap. Check our product section for more.

Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile phones have become one of the pivotal aspects of our lives. There are only few individuals who do not really require a phone. It does not really matter if we are back at home or at work a mobile phone remains to be our utmost peer. But what really happens when your phone stops functioning? Life really comes to a halt. It turns out to be a cause of concern. The first and pivotal step that you need to do is search out for a repairing shop.

Apple Mac Repair

These notebooks have been turning the tide, just like the other products by the distinguished organization by the name of APPLE. Taking into consideration of all the advantages these MABOOKS can be installed with Mac OS X Snow Leopard with ilife, Bluetooth, Wi-FI support, multi-touch track pad and intel core processors. Drop in here and take home one of the prized possession.


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