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82 Queens Road, Brighton
Need help? Contact Us
82 Queens Road, Brighton

Welcome to the Home of E Tech Zone Brighton

Ever since opening E Tech Zone Brighton in 2008, it has been our goal to deliver the best quality of services to anyone in need. Since we live in a technology centric world, we understand the importance of a computer or a mobile phone in an individual’s life, and how much of a nightmare faulty or broken devices can become. For the best Brighton Technology Repair, Visit Us Today!

Our assurance for all our customers

Life can come to a standstill when your mobile or laptop stops functioning. We are a professional organization, and we assure all our customers rapid and effective services. We will do all we can in order to solve any technical issues and get your device up and running and good as new!

Our professionalism

We have a team of professional experts with years of experience behind them. Our technical team is aware of the rapid rate at which technology advances, and they keep up to date with knowledge on new devices and repairs. More importantly, they are very much aware of delivering your service, within the specified timeframe. It is understood that your time is valuable, and because of this we carry out our repairs as quickly and professionally as possible.

What we offer as the best Brighton Technology Repair

Be it repairing devices like Macs, PCs, Laptops, mobile phones or tablets, we are all ready to help with any issue you may have. At the same time, we also created a platform for delivering software and hardware support for individuals and commercial setups. Be it data recovery or virus removal, operating system installation, wireless networking, and more, you will get it all from our one-stop destination.

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iPhone repair Brighton Technology Repair

iPad & iPhone Repair

Since the release of the first iPhone back in 2007 Apple has released more than 10 different models of iPhone. Due to the cost of these items, it can be extremely disheartening to find that a part has gone faulty or the screen has broken from a drop. Luckily, we have a team of experienced engineers capable of dealing with any and all iPhone models.

PC & Laptop Repair

With the advent of the 21st century, we can all agree that our lives have changed with the development of home personal computing. These days, life is hard to imagine without a computer or a laptop. But what really happens while your computer or laptop breaks down and is in need of repair? Consequently, this can be incredible frustrating, especially when you have important work to do.

Pc and laptop Brighton Technology Repair
Brighton Technology Repair Laptop

Laptop & Screen Repair

We can provide any and all laptop screen at affordable prices. Thus, we understand that a broken screen can be extremely frustrating, so if you book your device in with us, you can expect prompt repair and affordable prices where possible. Check our product section for more.


Mobile Phone Repair

Mobile phones have become a key part of most people’s day-to-day lives. As a result of this, being without a mobile phone can make life very difficult, and we get that. The huge variety of phones out there can make it difficult to give general advice, but our experienced engineers have fixed most brands and models in their time here.

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smartphone repair
macbook repair

Apple Mac Repair

Do you own an Apple computer? If so, you are probably aware how differently these systems operate compared to a standard Windows machine. Most general users may wonder what the difference is. The main difference is likely the operating system, as Mac use an OS based on the UNIX platform. Another difference is the way in which the components are laid out in the machine. Because of these differences, not everyone is capable of repairing Apple products.

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